Mistress Grace Hawkins


Mistress Grace Hawkins, Dowager Whittaker

Grace was the third child of Admiral Sir William Hawkins and his first wife Joan Tothill. Grace was born around 1571 in Plymouth, and educated in a manner befitting her circumstances.

Sometime in the mid 1580s, she married William Whittakers, and by him produced a son also christened William. She was widowed soon after the child's birth, and spent the years until her death as Procurator and Accountant for the Hawkins shipbuilding business. She married again and produced at least two other children, but details are not forthcoming at the time of this writing.

When her father died in October 1589, she was left the lands and house at Hindwell, her son was granted £10 and each or her other children received £5. Grace died in 1599 and was buried at St Andrews, Plymouth.