Lady Katherine Hawkins

hanlan Lady Katherine Elizabeth Hawkins

Born: 1534 in Ashill, Somerset England

Died: July 1591 in Deptford England

Buried: 1591 in St Nicholas Chapel, Deptford England

Father: Benjamin Gonson

Mother: Ursula Hussy Gonson

Married: 1557 to Sir John Hawkins

Children: Sir Richard Hawkins & Thomas Hawkins

Katherine Gonson was the daughter of Benjamin Gonson, Treasurer of the Navy. He was the son of William Gonson, Treasurer of the Navy before him. In 1573 he resigned in favor of his son-in-law, Sir John Hawkins who held the office until his death in 1595. Katherine Gonson died after a lingering illness the first week of July 1591. By the special permission of her husband she executed a will on 23 June 1591.